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Proto FR 




The Original Triple Camber. The one that changed everything. Started the movement. The reality is, if you want to breathe new life into your snowboarding, riding old camber technology isn’t going to cut it.

We innovate, take chances, and expand the horizons of snowboarding. That’s what the Proto FR did. Took our best selling snowboard of all time and turned it into the most versatile tool for the ride-everywhere freerider. Every function of a snowboard improved. Patented Triple Camber Profile improves edge hold, stability, power, pop, speed, float, forgiveness and smooth responsiveness.

We added a WooBoo (wood and bamboo) core, completing the utterly transformative ride. Immerse yourself in the experience. Welcome to the realization that snowboarding is never going to be the same.

X - Wide version of the original

DF - extra wide version for riders with big boots



Type: All Mountain Freeride Directional

Shape: Directional

Profile: Triple Camber

Flex: 8

Damp: 8

Width: Regular, Wide, Drag Free

Mounting Pattern: 2x4

Sidewall Type: UHMW

Core: Wood

Laminates: Elastomeric Carbon, Bi-Lite Fiberglass,  STS Pre-tensioned Fiberglass

Topsheet: Co-Extruded Polymer

Base: Durasurf XT Sintered 5501 Base

Stance Setback: 0.75 inches

Ability Level: Intermediate/Advanced

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